Cupolex: your concrete void system and foundation specialists.

In ancient times, Roman architects and builders refined the vault, arch and dome, harnessing its potential as a structurally strong feature in building design. If we fast forward to today, that same shape appears in the Italian designed and patented dome we use in our foundation slabs. Our name honours that tradition of smart, strong building design: Cupolex comes from the Italian word cupola meaning ‘dome.’

Foundation Specialists

As foundation specialists, we’ve taken a twenty-first century approach to the dome to create a superior, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to rib raft, stiffened raft and other concrete void systems for foundation slabs. This unique system takes building foundations into a new era, recognising the need to reduce waste and our impact on the environment, while providing a product which is easy to transport and install on any construction site.

Get out of ground on the right footing with Cupolex.

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