Cupolex: the cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to a rib raft foundation

Cupolex is the cost effective, eco-friendly alternative to a Polystyrene/raft foundation, using Italian designed structural domes replacing hard fill or polystyrene in permanent concrete formwork. Made from 100% recycled materials, the domes are easy and fast to install, optimising reinforcing in your concrete foundation.

Cupolex provides savings in concrete, steel, labour and freight and is virtually a zero waste flooring solution. All components are palletised for ease of transportation, using just two pallets per 100m2.

Why choose a dome?

Domes are structurally strong elements in building design. We’ve taken a twenty-first century approach to the dome recognising the need to reduce waste and our impact on the environment, while providing a product which is easy to transport and install..

Why choose Cupolex?

Cupolex is a superior concrete slab alternative to rib raft, stiffened raft and other concrete void systems. It’s green, reduces building cycle time and minimises engineered fill requirements saving you time and money…

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Get out of ground on the right footing with Cupolex.

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