The cost-effective, eco-friendly concrete slab solution

In every respect, Cupolex is a superior concrete slab alternative to rib raft, stiffened raft and other concrete void systems. It’s green, reduces building cycle time and minimises engineered fill requirements saving you time and money.

Superior design

  • Patented Italian design provides optimised reinforcing in your concrete slab.
  • Provides an absolute barrier, mitigating rising damp.
  • No footings.
  • Can be ventilated and used as a heat transfer system.

Easy to install

  • Easy to transport and get to site, even where there is restricted access.
  • Reduces site congestion.
  • Two people can install 150m2 per hour.
  • Provides savings in concrete, steel, labour and freight.
working on placing cupolex products

Better for the environment

  • Manufactured in New Zealand from 100% recycled materials.
  • Can be recycled at the end of its own life.
  • Fewer pallets to transport reduces the carbon footprint and associated costs.
  • No waste, offcuts or beads polluting waterways.

Get out of the ground on right footing with Cupolex

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