Fast, efficient concrete slab design and installation

Cupolex is the cost effective, eco-friendly alternative to a rib raft foundation, using Italian designed structural domes replacing hard fill or polystyrene in permanent concrete formwork. Made from 100% recycled materials, the domes are easy and fast to install, optimising reinforcing in concrete foundations.

The hardest challenge in any construction project is getting out of ground. Cupolex speeds up this process, reducing the building cycle time and minimising engineered fill requirements. It’s easy to transport to site, even with restricted access and promotes a clean, tidy work environment.

Why build with domes?

Polystyrene foundation blocks are bulky to transport, take up space and make a mess on site. Our domes reduce waste, are waterproof and can be installed by two men at a rate of 150m2 per hour…

Why choose Cupolex?

Cupolex is a superior concrete slab alternative to rib raft, stiffened raft and other concrete void systems. The slab is formed with structural domes with no need for footings…

cupolex floor build

Where is Cupolex used?

Cupolex was primarily designed to be an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to build a concrete floor. Since then it has been used in a variety of different applications, proving it’s a better way to get out of ground…

Get out of ground on the right footing with Cupolex.

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